Donny McCaslin (US)

Donny McCaslin – saxophone, Jason Lindner – keys, Nate Wood – drums, Jonathan Maron – bass

The only thing predictable about Donny McCaslin’s first ten albums was their unpredictability. Each new release arrived with a new line-up and not infrequently a new direction, often providing the perpetually curious saxophonist/composer with fertile new ground to explore.

On the surface, what makes McCaslin’s latest release, Fast Future, something of a radical departure from his usual M.O., is that it reprises the stunning electro-acoustic quartet from its groundbreaking, criticallyacclaimed predecessor, Casting for Gravity – a project that earned McCaslin a 2014 GRAMMY® nomination for “Best Instrumental Jazz Solo” on the track “Stadium Jazz.” However as the title implies, Fast Future finds McCaslin and company – keyboardist Jason Lindner, bassist Tim Lefebvre, and drummer Mark Guiliana, along with longtime producer David Binney – hurtling further into the relatively unexplored crossroads between jazz and electronica with virtuosic musicianship.

Long influenced by fusion pioneers like Weather Report and Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters, McCaslin integrates those hybrid instincts with innovative modern artists like Aphex Twin and Skrillex.

“I really love the sonic textures and ambient vibe that you hear in a lot of that music,” says McCaslin of the influence that electronica and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has had on his music. “Having these guys improvising and interacting within that sonic landscape feels great.”

Pavel Wlosok Trio & Rick Margitza (CZ/US)

Rick Margitza – tenor saxophone, compositions, Pavel Wlosok – piano, compositions, Tomáš Baroš – double bass, Marián Ševčík – drums, With a special guest appearance by Lukas Oravec – fluegel horn

Pavel Wlosok is a pianist, composer, sound engineer and photographer of Czech origin who has lived in the United States for more than 20 years. Professor of music at Western Carolina University has recently been returning to the Czech Republic more frequently – in person and via his numerous recordings. The unique sound of Pavel Wlosok Trio is not only influenced by wide scale of jazz traditions, from swing through Latin music to modal jazz, but also by modern 20th century music including world music, Methodist hymns or Czech traditional melodic. Most of the repertoire consists of original compositions and new arrangements of jazz standards.

Donny McCaslin
Pavel Wlosok Trio & Rick Margitza

15. 3. 2018

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