Avishai Cohen '1970' (IL)

Avishai Cohen – Vocals – Bass – Electric Bass , Shai Bachar – Keyboards – Vocals, Marc Kakon – Guitar – Electric bass – Vocals, Karen Malka – Vocals, Noam David – Drums

Avishai Cohen’s latest touring project conveys the spirit of his new album ‘1970’ with Sony Music, Masterworks (October 2017), and is arguably the most personal recording that Cohen has made thus far in his illustrious career. Avishai introduces keyboards to generate a more groovy sound, and leads the band on his familiar and faithful partner, his bass and vocals.

Avishai will be joined by an exceptionally talented group of musicians who are not known as ‘jazz musicians’, among them is the worldly percussionist Itamar Doari – a regular member of his trio, Yael Shapira on cello – who was part of his ‘Almah’ string quartet and Karen Malka with her beautifully rich vocals, who featured on Avishai’s albums, ‘Aurora’ and ‘Seven Seas’. Adding to the mix on stage, Avishai introduces Elyasaf Bishari on oud, bass guitar and vocals, Jonatan Daskal on the keys, and Tal Kohavi on drums.

The show will surely include Avishai’s personal stamp on one of the most timeless of gospel anthems ‘Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child’. This new music reveals thus yet more layers of the artist’s personality as he broaches familiar and unfamiliar territory both in terms of material and arrangements.

Avishai Cohen '1970'

5. 4. 2018