About festival

JAZZFESTBRNO, international jazz festival was established in 2002. Our commitment to jazz is indeed strong as the main organizers are also working musicians/educators in the jazz field. We strive to make jazz more popular, we strive to create more opportunities for artists to perform, we strive to bring the highest level of musicianship and artistry closer to local musicians and artists.

Our keywords for communication with public and inner motivation of our team are inspiration, diversity, uniqueness, enthusiasm and discovering.

Inspiration for the festival visitors so that they can leave our concerts uplifted and with ideas to ponder. Inspiration for local artists to make better music and learn from the art and stage presence of the best. Inspiration for our team to be as professional as possible.

Diversity in the choice of performers. Diversity in the choice of venues. Diversity in the choice of concert formats.

Uniqueness in our festival format. Uniqueness in our selection of artists. Uniqueness in our special projects with international and local top-notch artists.

Enthusiasm for jazz as our favorite music genre. Enthusiasm for our fans and visitors. Enthusiasm for the organizing work and its outcomes.

Discovering new artists. Discovering new paths for music. Discovering new information for jazz apprentices. Discovering something new each and every day.