About festival

Dear fans of jazz and great music in general,

This festival season is again varied both in style and ethnically. We are pleased to host musicians from fourteen countries covering a variety of genres from avant-garde to electronica. While creating our line-up we like to listen to your inspirations as well as to search for talents sometimes hidden, other times obvious. Our philosophy is to represent not only jazz legends and superstars (this year Wynton Marsalis, Gregory Porter, Tomasz Stankó and Wayne Shorter), but also compelling and inspiring musicians, who have definitely not appeared enough in our country, if at all. We have been thoroughly mapping both domestic and European scenes and we never neglect the wonderful community of „Jazz Mecca“ New York. This year we feature several bands, whose photographs frequently occupy front pages of jazz magazines around the world and which perform in all major jazz festivals and clubs worldwide. Get ready to meet phenomenal pianists Robert Glasper, David Vireless, Luis Perdomo and Yaron Herman, great saxophonists Mark Turner, Johannes Enders and Karel Růžička jr., 21st century guitarists Mike Moreno and Albert Vila, great drummer Jochen Rueckert and other wonderful musicians. We are pleased that – thanks to your genuine interest in culture – we have been able to organize our festival in Brno already for fifteen years.

Vilem Spilka
artistic director of the festival